Keep it Fresh at Kalla Lily

Whether you’re looking to stick with a classic cut, spice up your current look with a subtle change, or embark on a totally new style, our professionals have the knowledge and expertise to make it happen. For Men and Women alike — we stay on the cutting edge, by keeping current with trends and mastering all of the newest techniques.

You may come in knowing precisely how you want your hair cut, and in that case our stylists will use their knowledge and expertise to help you attain your desired look.

At other times, you may want our stylists to provide professional guidance and recommendations based on your hair type and color, face shape and individual taste. We’d be happy to assist you, and we’re committed to making sure that your hair is ultimately a direct reflection of your personal style. 

Prices starting at...

Women’s Haircuts    $38

Men’s Haircuts          $33

Children Haircuts (10 & Under)         $28



Kalla Lily Salon and Spa provides an environment for integrating wellness and beauty into your daily routine.

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