Making the Most of your Mother’s Day

The month of May brings wonderful warm spring days and a Sunday that we celebrate Mother’s Day.

So what are your plans to celebrate this year? Spending a day at a spa? Taking in a movie? Reading stacks of magazines or just plain camping out for the day and do nothing?

If you are like most moms, you are probably looking ahead at a pretty typical Sunday. You will get an extraordinary breakfast, a couple of cards, maybe flower.  Spend a little time in the garden or watching your child’s baseball game.

Mother’s Day should not be a typical day where you do everything as normal.  A mother includes many roles and much responsibility. Mothers are care givers, cooks, chauffer’s, tutors, maids, mechanics, therapists, etc., etc., etc.  Your day should be special, relaxed and simply divine!

Think about what your ideal day would look like. Then plan it! Don’t feel guilty to take the day to relax and enjoy yourself.

Whether you decide to indulge yourself or are looking for a way to treat the special mother in your life, Kalla Lily Salon and Spa can help craft the perfect day to pamper and honor mom. Gift cards are available online 24/7 and can be used in the spa, for massage, hair care, skin care, products, and more.

Mommy guilt does not exist on Mother’s Day. Just like calories don’t count on your birthday!

It will be another 364 days before we got to dictate another day. Don’t waste a single second.

Happy May and Happy Mother’s Day!

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